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New Combined Tournament and Cash League

Our league is a combined tournament and cash league.
The current league began on 1st February and will conclude on the 30th April.
The league final date is to be confirmed.
Players will need to accumulate 5,000 points to qualify for the league final.
Players can earn league points by finishing in the last ten of any qualifying tournament or by playing cash.
The total points that a person accumulates over the league will be the amount of chips that he or she starts with in the league final.
In addition, every qualified player can purchase a maximum of 10,000 chips for €50 or 5,000 chips for €25.
Tournament Points
At each qualifying game, the top ten finishers will receive points. 
The points are based on the amount of players in the game, i.e.
1st = 100 * number of players
2nd = 90 * number of players
3rd = 80 * number of players
4th = 70 * number of players
5th = 60 * number of players
6th = 50 * number of players
7th = 40 * number of players
8th = 30 * number of players
9th = 20 * number of players
10th = 10 * number of players
Cash Points
Each hour playing cash games will equal 600 points for the league.
Double Points
On Wednesdays and Saturdays, earn double points for a top ten tournament finish and playing cash.
League Money
The amount of money withheld for the league from each qualifying tournament will be 6.5% of the prize pool rounded to the nearest €5 capped at €250.
The amount of money withheld for the league from cash games is €1 from every pot over €20.
League Money Payouts
Fifteen percent of the total money collected from tournaments will be paid to the top three finishers in tournaments.
Fifteen percent of the total money collected from cash games will be paid to the top three players in cash hours.
All remaining money will be combined and paid out at the league final.
If a qualified player cannot attend the final, he/she may carry half the chips forward where they will be added to chips earned in the next league.
Any player who does not inform us about carrying the chips forward to the next final and does not turn up on the day will lose those chips.